By default the forms will be displayed as cards.

The Menu entry "My Forms" will navigate the user to the form overview. On this page the forms may be filtered, configured or published.


The default view of the form overview page is the card view. Forms may alse be displayed in a list view. By clicking the buttons / in the header the view can be changed. The header also contains an input field for searching forms as well as a button which will open the filter panel to the right. If you have added forms to a group, the forms will be grouped accordingly in the overview. Individual groups can be toggled in the filter menu to the right.
The default view shows every form as a card. These cards consist of a thumbnail of the form, a button for quick access to the Xima® Formcycle Designer, a button for opening the form as well as a button for opening the form menu. The button at upper right corner of the card shows how many (unread) form records have been submitted. Clicking that button will bring you to the inbox where the form records have been filtered by that form.
In the card view as well as in the list view there is an entry at the top for Creating new forms.

Form menu

Form in card view with opened form menu.

The form menu gives access to the various functions of the form. From access to the Xima® Formcycle Designer to Publishing the form and everything in between like configuring the processing workflow. In the list view the form menu will appear by hovering over a form. In the card view the form menu is accessed by clicking the menu button at the card.

Contents of the form menu

  • Designer
  • Open
  • Publish
  • Workflow
  • Add to group
    Allows to asign a group to the form. Form groups may be used for organizing forms.
  •   Filse
  • Double-Opt-In
  • Access
  • Inbox
  • Data tables
  • Versions
  • Info
    Shows a dialog containing the following information about the form:
    • Title: Form title. Can be changed inside the Xima® Formcycle Designer.
    • Form group
    • System ID: Internal ID of the form.
    • Created by: The user that created the form.
    • Created: The point in time the form was created.
    • Changed by: The user that last changed the form.
    • Changed: The point in time the form was last changed.
    • Form records: Number of unread and total form records of the form.
    • Preview: Preview link to the form.
    • Open: Link to the form.
    • Description: Form description. Can be changed in the Xima® Formcycle Designer.
  •   Export
  •   Copy
  • Save as template
    Creates a template based on this form. Templates may be used for creating new forms.
  • Delete process data
    Deletes all form recods that have been submitted for this form. This process can not be undone.
  • Delete
    Deletes the form. After deleting the form a recovery is not possible.
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