Quick Start Guide

drag and position elements in the design area

Move the mouse over the item, click on it and drag it to the workspace.To move an item to a specific location, position it above, below or next to the existing element. Would you like to add an item to a container (e.g. DIV or fieldset ), so moving it over this. Position elements in the designer

align label of a element

Most form elements (text fields, checkboxes, lists, upload ...) already integrate a label (caption), so that this does not have to be defined separately. The position of the label is determined by the properties of the element. The distance between label and item will also be determined by the properties (attribute width).

defining required

Input and selection elements can be defined to required. If the option required is selected, the user must fill in the appropriate item or select a value, it does not, an error message is displayed. Changing the error style will be described below on this page.

specify validator / datatype of input fields

For each input element, a data type (e.g. email, number, money) to be defined.

hide elements

Element (selection) is displayed when checkbox "myCheckBox" has been activated.

Element (box) is hidden when was checkbox "myCheckBox" enabled.

add pictures

First move the picture element to the desired location. Then move on the image (file) from the File Explorer ( Windows ) / Finder ( Mac ) in the picture element "drop" area.

insert new form page

With the form designer can easily create multi-page forms.

change relative width of elements

All elements are relatively positioned, the only way that the form can be adapted to different devices and resolutions. Therefore there are, with few exceptions, not absolute sizes. The width of elements is always a relative value.Example:There are two elements side by side whose width corresponds to 50 % to the total width of the form . If for the right element now the relative width "2" is set, this element has a factor of 2 compared to the first element. The left element is smaller and the right is greater (in percent : left ( 33 % ) and right ( 66 % ) ). is the size of the browser changes, the relationships of the elements remain the same.

duplicate elements

Select the item and duplicate it on the icon in the toolbar. Please note that only one element can be duplicated. Being located in a duplicating element to other elements (e.g. DIV , Fieldset ...), these are also duplicated. After the operation, we find duplicate items new item name!

publish form on the server

The publication of the form via the button in the toolbar.
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