In this section you will find various examples of different topics.

All examples can also be viewed directly on the FORMCYCLE demo platform.

- Demo platform url:
- Loginname: demo@demo
- Password: pa55w0rd@demo

Available demo forms on the demo server

The following is a list of the existing demo forms on the demo server:

CategoryDemo contentLink to the form
CalculationSubtraction of 2 values
CalculationSummation of values
CalculationIdentical calculation for several form fields and summation of values
Data sources and database queriesAutomcomplete functions - application possibilities
Data sources and database queriesFilter a selection by value
Data sources and database queriesPrefilling data from a source
Data sources and database queriesTransfer select column data
Date and timeCalendar functions
Date and timeDate and time initialization
Date and timeDate difference in days
Date and timeDate ranges and validation
Date and timeFormatting Birthday field
Date and timeTime diffrence
Date and timeTime validation
Date and timeCalculation age
StyleChange position of text
StyleChange the loading symbol
StyleCustomize repeating elements
StyleNumbering repeatable elements using CSS
UtilityFormatting of numbers (autonumeric configuration)
UtilityCopy input values
UtilityDelete form data
UtilityLanguage selection
UtilityLocal import and export
UtilitySet value before sending
UtilityTextarea autosize
UtilitySave a form temporarily
UtilityDynamic preassignment
UtilityPreassignment of repeating form elements
ValidationContraints for multi-select values
ValidationExample for different input formatting
ValidationExamples for validation rules
ValidationIBAN validation
ValidationRequired Field dependent on a status
Word (Fill) exampleWord (Fill) - checkbox and radio buttons
Word (Fill) exampleWord (Fill) - count, contains, replace
Word (Fill) exampleWord (Fill) - images and url
Word (Fill) exampleWord (Fill) - merge field
Word (Fill) exampleWord (Fill) - remove functions
Word (Fill) exampleWord (Fill) - repeating elements
Word (Fill) exampleWord (Fill) - selections
Word (Fill) exampleWord (Fill) - image from a upload field
Appointment managementShow next available month with free dates

Other demos

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